Difference between liquid, creamy and satin lipsticks

Difference between liquid, creamy and satin lipsticks

When it comes to lipsticks- there are many types available, each offering a unique finish and feel. Understanding the difference between liquid lipsticks, creamy matte lipsticks, and satin lipsticks can help you choose the perfect one for your needs. Let's explore the major differences between these three popular lipstick types.

What's the Major Difference Between Liquid Lipsticks, Creamy Matte Lipsticks & Satin Lipsticks?

1. Liquid Lipsticks: 

Our Mini Liquid Lipsticks are perfect for on-the-go touch-ups. These compact lipsticks provide full coverage and a long-lasting, matte finish. With a variety of shades to choose from, you'll have the perfect color for any occasion.

Here’s a small tip how to use liquid lipstick -
Apply a thin layer of lip balm before applying liquid lipstick to ensure your lips stay hydrated and the color glides on smoothly.

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2. Creamy Matte Lipsticks: 

Our creamy-matte lipsticks are infused with natural ingredients for hydrated, nourished, and glamorous lips. Made with natural, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients, including Candelilla Wax, Castor Oil, and Tocopheryl, they provide a happy and healthy pout.

Here's a small tip on how to use creamy matte lipsticks-
For a precise application, start by outlining your lips with a lip liner that matches your lipstick shade. Then, fill in your lips with the creamy matte lipstick for a smooth and even finish.

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3. Satin Lipsticks: 

Our satin lipsticks not only provide intense pigmentation but also protect from harmful UV rays and pollutants. They are cruelty-free and made with natural formulations, including our Super Additive, for a luxe, rich texture that is cushioned and comfortable to wear. One swipe application gives an effortless and polished look.

Here's a small tip on how to use satin lipsticks-
To enhance the satin finish, apply a thin layer of lip gloss on top of your satin lipstick. This will give your lips a shiny and glamorous look.

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How to Choose Which Lipstick Is Perfect for My Use?

Choosing the perfect lipstick depends on your preference and the occasion. Here are some tips to help you decide:

  • Liquid Lipsticks: Ideal for a long-lasting, matte finish. Perfect for events or occasions where you need your lipstick to stay put.
  • Creamy Matte Lipsticks: Great for everyday wear, providing hydration and nourishment to your lips. Perfect for those who prefer a matte finish but with a creamy texture.
  • Satin Lipsticks: Ideal for a luxurious, comfortable wear with intense pigmentation. Perfect for a special occasion or when you want a polished look with minimal effort.


Each type of lipstick offers a unique finish and feel, catering to different preferences and occasions. Whether you prefer the long-lasting matte finish of liquid lipsticks, the creamy texture of creamy matte lipsticks, or the luxurious feel of satin lipsticks, there is a perfect lipstick for everyone.


Q1. Are all three types of lipsticks suitable for everyday wear?

Ans- Yes, all three types of lipsticks can be worn daily. It depends on your preference for finish and feel.

Q2. Do satin lipsticks provide hydration to the lips?
Ans- Yes, satin lipsticks are formulated to provide hydration and nourishment to the lips, along with intense pigmentation.

Q3. Can I find a variety of shades in each type of lipstick?
Ans- Yes, all three types of lipsticks offer a variety of shades to choose from, ensuring you find the perfect color for any occasion.

Q4. How can I make my lipstick last longer throughout the day?

Ans- To make your lipstick last longer, start by exfoliating your lips to create a smooth canvas. Then, apply a lip primer before applying your lipstick. After applying your lipstick, blot your lips with a tissue and reapply a thin layer of lipstick for added longevity.

Q5. Are there any tips for applying lipstick to ensure a flawless finish?

Ans- Yes, here are some tips for applying lipstick flawlessly:

  • Start by exfoliating your lips to remove any dead skin.
  • Use a lip liner to outline your lips for a more defined look and to prevent the lipstick from feathering.
  • Apply the lipstick with a brush for more precision, or directly from the tube for a bolder look.
  • Blot your lips with a tissue after applying the lipstick to remove any excess product.
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